KidZone program is a great opportunity for learning, development, and socialization through crafts, and so much more. This outlines the guidelines for a safe, happy, healthy and fun time for all.


  • Monthly theme projects 
  • Take home activities and family chats
  • Branch information for families


The Y’s drop-in KidZone is not a licensed child care center. Consequently, state guidelines restrict your child’s usage of KidZone to no more than 2 hours total per day. We recommend you limit your child’s KidZone visit to these age-appropriate lengths. Length of time is based on availability and space. Please check with our staff or app for full details. 

  • 6 weeks – 9 months: 30 minutes
  • 9 months – 2 years: 1 hour
  • 2 years – 4 years: 1.5 hours
  • 4 years – 7 years: 2 hours


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Old Colony YMCA has zero tolerance for inappropriate behavior involving children, and we take multiple steps to prevent child sexual abuse within our organization, including: criminal background checks, check of sex offender registry, check into employee’s prior employments and references.            


All children must have a parent/guardian (18+) signed enrollment form on file at each YMCA KidZone that they utilize. For your child’s safety, a parent/guardian is required to sign their child in and out of KidZone. The parent/guardian who signs the child in must also sign the child out, unless prior arrangements have been made with KidZone staff. No one under the age of 18 is allowed to check kids in and out of KidZone. All parents/guardians must stay on Y property while their child/ren are in KidZone.


Review this list to make sure your child is ready for KidZone.

  • My child is wearing shoes, socks, and is dressed for play, crafts, etc
  • My child is in a clean diaper or has used the restroom
  • My child is well fed/nursed
  • All personal items are labeled with my child’s name
  • I have stored all toys from home to keep them safe and ready for me when I leave 
  • I have reviewed the Y pledge with my child and they are ready and excited to role model the Y’s four core values!
  • Above all...I pledge to have fun!
KidZone Policies

The staff to child ratio may vary throughout the day as this is a “drop off” area. Please understand that we reserve the right to limit the number of children participating in KidZone to ensure that our child/staff ratio remains within safe limits. At least one staff in the room will be CPR and First Aid Certified. All staff and volunteers are background checked prior to employment.

We do not change diapers. In the event of a child needing to be changed the parent will be located in the building and asked to return to the room. Your cooperation is appreciated. Older children are escorted into the bathroom but staff are NOT permitted to assist with wiping or clothing, so please be sure your child is able to be totally independent in the bathroom by wearing elastic waistband pants, etc.

Please label belongings such as jackets, binkies, car seats, etc. prior to entering the room. Children are not allowed to bring outside toys and any electronics from home. We will ask you to remove items before your child enters the program. This is to ensure that your 
child’s belongings do not get broken or lost; we are not responsible for lost or broken items.

For your child’s safety, shoes or socks are to be worn at all times. Socks are to be worn in the play areas. 

This is a “well child” area. Please note, if your child is ill or has been ill within the past 24 hours, please do not bring them to KidZone. This is to keep all of our members, staff and participants healthy. Staff will use discretion when asking a parent to remove a child 
who appears to be ill. 

Parents must remain on the YMCA premises while using the KidZone service and adhere to all safety procedures. Please list your cell phone as your building location on the sign-in sheet and alert our staff. Sign-in/out procedures must be adhered to. Once signed-in, children of any age are not permitted to leave the program until they are signed out by a parent. Please speak with our staff for full details or concerns.

KidZone is a “WATER ONLY” area. No food or drinks will be allowed, with the exception of water. Due to the prevalence of food allergies, when feeding your children just prior to entering the room, please ensure that their hands and face are completely cleaned. We do not feed infants and we do not allow bottle feeding in the room. All cups should be labeled. Although we have a “WATER ONLY” policy, we sometimes use products that contain allergens (Playdough, Borax, uncooked pasta, etc.) during supervised activities. Please identify your child’s allergies upon program arrival so we can ensure that your child will not come into contact with any of these products while in our care. If your child will be bringing an Epi-pen into the program, we ask that you fill out a medical consent form and return it with a current photo of your child. If your child does not have a medical consent form on file, staff will not be permitted to administer the Epi-pen.

Our goal is to develop self-discipline and respect for others. When necessary, the following age-appropriate discipline will be used: We will use logical consequences and redirect children displaying inappropriate behavior. In some cases, supervised removal (time out) may be used. If a child is having excessive problems (i.e. biting, hitting, etc.) the parent will be paged and the child will be removed from KidZone. If behavioral issues continue, a child will be asked not to return 
for a period of time.

For the comfort of all KidZone participants, we will page a parent if attempts to calm a crying child are unsuccessful for 10-15 minutes. Once contacted, the parent must check the child out of KidZone at that time.

In the event of a building evacuation or emergency, please meet your child outside at the program’s designated evacuation location for KidZone. We will only dismiss to authorized parents/guardians. Please speak with our staff for full details or concerns.