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Old Colony Y Middleboro Branch gymnastics center offers Preschool, Youth, and Adult programs. The new center has all four Olympic gymnastics apparatus which include (bars, beam, floor and TAC/10 vaulting table). We also provide preschool equipment, stations and much more for all to enjoy! For the more skilled gymnasts, our NEW equipment will allow for a competitive and successful gymnastics experience. Join in and enrich the spirit, mind, and body with gymnastics!

Why the Y

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Develop Social Skills
Every kid needs to learn new skills and we have the perfect environment
A unique form of exercise and a way to stay healthy
Increased Cognitive Skills
Core skills like thinking and learning are important
Program Areas

The Y preschool gymnastics program allows boys and girls ages 1-6 years to experience the world of gymnastics. This progressive program will allow children to begin gymnastics classes with a parent in our Me and My Tumbler class (ages 1-3). Help children learn the basics of gymnastics independently in our Tumble Weeds class (ages 3-4). Develop skills and confidence in our Tiny Tumbler program (ages 4-5). Excel in our more advanced classes in the Rising Stars (ages 5-6). Our goal is that children and their parents have a fun, positive, and exciting experience in our preschool gymnastics programs at the Middleboro YMCA.

The Y youth gymnastics program is created to be both recreational and instructional and to incorporate age-appropriate conditioning for the strength and flexibility needed for the sport. Gymnasts follow specific progressions and guidelines for proper skill development on each of the Olympic events. Participation helps develop agility, strength, balance and flexibility. For gymnasts safety appropriate gymnastics attire is required.

The Gymnastics Team follows the USA Gymnastics rules and routines. We compete in the MA and NH YMCA Gymnastics League and compete against other Y’s and gyms throughout the year. This program is by invitation only, please contact Andy for more details at 508-947-1390 or


While many classes are catered to a certain age range we also offer gymnastic "tests" for your child to demonstrate their skills for better placement.

Preschool class kids should wear comfortable and fitting clothing.  Sweatshirts, t-shirts, sweatpants, shorts, and leotards are fine.  Youth class kids should wear a leotard for girls, although not required.  No jewelry should be worn.  Kids will be barefoot in the gym.  No buttons, jeans, or zippers on clothing.  Tie back all hair when possible!

Yes! We typically update our offerings for our Middleboro Gymnastics Center each season. The brochure includes classes offered, prices, and days/times for those classes. Please use the link below or contact us for more information if you have questions.

Yes! While we may not offer this year round, we often have special events or unique programs. Please check below for any offerings.

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Classes & Descriptions

(45 mins | 5-6 yrs)
An advanced preschool program. Basic gymnastics skills and proper use of the apparatus taught as well as strength, flexibility and technique necessary to perform gymnastics skills.

Just like the show! Kids will enjoy running, jumping, climbing and conquering the obstacle course each week. Kids will get a great workout while developing ninja-like strength, coordination, and skills!

(45 mins | 6-8 yrs)
This is a beginner class that focuses on understanding class structure, basic gymnastics terminology and flexibility. Skills learned at this level include: forward roll, backward roll, beam leg kicks, front supports and pullovers.

(45 mins | 6-8 yrs)
This class is by invitation only. The class will focus on preparing the gymnast for our Pre-team. We will focus on the strength and flexibility needed for a successful gymnastics experience on our pre-team and team. We will also emphasize correct body shaping as well as basic skills required for pre-team.

(45 mins | 8-12 yrs)
This class is for children who can perform “Roller” skills unassisted. Skills learned at this level include: Beam- mounts, dismounts, jumps. Bars- pullover, back-hip circle, shoot off. Floor- handstand, cartwheel, bridge, bridge kick-over. Vault- straight jumps, straddle jumps, squat-on.

(45 mins | age 6 & up)
This class is for little gymnasts who can demonstrate “Swinger” level skills. This class will retain previous learned skills in addition to learning more difficult ones. Skills worked on in this level include: Beam- split leaps, mounts, dismounts. Bars- shoot-through, front-hip circle, casts. Floor- backhand spring with spot, back walk-overs, round-off. Vault- squat-on, donkey kicks.

(1.5 hours, twice a week | age 6 & up)
Invitation Only! Pre-team members have mastered the previous levels. Gymnasts will continue to learn more difficult skills at their own pace. Skills in this level may include: Beam- side handstands, rolls, dismounts. Bars- swings, leg cuts, front and back hip circles. Floor- backhand spring, handstand forward rolls and front limbers. Vault- hurdle to handstand and squat on, front handspring drills. Also, memorization of routines will be introduced to prepare gymnasts for competitive gymnastics.

(45 mins | age 16 & up)
Adult Gymnastics is specifically for athletes 16 years and older. It doesn't matter if you're a complete beginner or an ex-gymnast, as long as you want to spend some time in the gym. Gymnastics is also a great cross-training sport to help improve with performance in ALL other sports. In this all-around goal oriented class designed for men and women you will enjoy all apparatus. YMCA Adult Gymnastics also provides stretching and conditioning time so you can get stronger and more flexible.

(6 & under)
This is unstructured time for families and kids ages 6 and under to enjoy the gymnastics center and practice skills they learn during class together. Parent supervision is required, however we will have a qualified staff member on hand to be sure safe spotting techniques and safe play are practiced. Please see our open gymnastics schedule for times/days offered. Family open gymnastics time will also be offered  during our open houses and during special events.

(1 hour | age 6 & up)
Open Gym is for participants who want extra practice and time spent in the gym. If you are sixteen or six, this one hour time spent in the gym should be focused on learning/practicing new and existing skills. Under the supervision of a gymnastics instructor athletes will be able to work on their own, as well as get the spotting and coaching they need to excel. Warm-up and stretching should be done before any physical activity on the apparatus. Time can also be used to do strength and conditioning to better performance.

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